Semtech Packet Forwarder

A legacy forwarder typically used by developers during early-stage product development as many manufacturers pre-install it on their Gateways. It uses UDP communication (unsecured), provides minimal Device Class support, no traffic filtering, and any modification to its preconfigured channel plan must be performed manually. Onboarding requires simple configuration and registration. For full details please read the Generic Semtech Packet Forwarder


Base Station registration and Software installation is only required for devices that are new to the Senet Network. If Senet provided the Gateway, no further action is necessary.

Semtech Packet Forwarder – Senet Verified Gateways

Senet works with virtually all Semtech Packet Forwarder gateways even if it is not listed here

Model Type Regions
Generic Semetech Packet Forwarder 8/16-Channel US915, EU868, IN865, AU915, AS923
Tektelic KONA Micro 8-Channel Indoor US915, EU868, IN865
Tektelic KONA Macro 16-Channel Outdoor US915, EU868, AS923, AU915
Tektelic KONA Mega 64-Channel Outdoor US915
MultiTech Conduit, AP, IP67 - mLinux 8-Channel Indoor, 8-Channel Outdoor US915, EU868, IN865, AU915, AS923
MultiTech Conduit, AP, IP67 - mPower 8-Channel Indoor, 8-Channel Outdoor US915, EU868, IN865, AU915, AS923
Laird Sentrius 8-Channel Indoor US915, EU868, AS923
Adtran Micro 8-Channel Indoor US915
RAK Wireless 8-Channel Indoor US915, AU915, AS923
Cisco Wireless Gateway 16-Channel Outdoor US915
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact, iBTS 64 16-Channel Outdoor, 64-Channel Outdoor US915
Kerlink Wirnet Station, iStation 8-Channel Outdoor US915, IN865

Semtech Packet Forwarder - Gateway Communication Ports

Below is a table of ports used by the Base Station to communicate with the Senet Network. The included domain and port information can be used for whitelisting these communications on a network.

FQDN Port Protocol Direction Usage 1700 UDP Inbound/Outbound LoRa Messages
NTP (Time Synch) 123 NTP Outbound Time Synchronization
DNS 53 DNS Outbound Domain Resolution