Base Stations

Integration Overview

In order to integrate your Base Station with Senet's Network, it must be on-boarded. This process involves:

Once registration is complete your Base Station's packet forwarder will communicate with Senet's network.

Senet Packet Forwarder for RAN providers

This integration option is applicable to Radio Access Network (RAN) Providers deploying Base Stations at scale. This option increases security over the standard Senet Packet Forwarder, which includes restricting local user accounts and preventing remote access.


Base Station Registration and Software Installation is only required for devices that are new to the Senet Network. If Senet provided the Base Station, no further action is necessary.

Supported Base Stations

Kerlink iFemtoCell
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS 64
Kerlink Wirnet Station
Laird Sentrius
MultiTech Conduit
MultiTech Conduit IP67
Tektelic KONA Micro
Tektelic KONA 16 Macro
Tektelic KONA 64 Mega

Base Station Registration

Registration for RAN Providers