Base Station Details

Base Station details show the health history of a Base Station, the events it is processing, RF statistics, diagnostics, and transaction statistics.



The default view and the summary of a Base Station can be seen by clicking the Screenshot button. The left pane shows detailed statistics of the Base Station which include Last contact times, system uptime and other details.


The Summary page in th right pane displays time graphs of the number of heard devices, transations, CPU, and memory over time.

If running the latest compatible Senet Base Station software this page will also show Ethernet/Cell in, out, and error bytes, round trip time, and RSSI of the cellular connection.


RF Statistics

The RF Statistics page Screenshot displays a heat map for the following RF parameters over time. Median SNR Per Channel, Average RSSI Per Channel, and Uplinks Per Channel.



The events Screenshot page shows all the uplinks and downlinks being processed by the Base Station along with the packet details.


Base Station Diagnostics

Base Station Diagnostics Screenshot help understand a problematic Base Station.

If running the latest compatible Senet Base Station software, Support Files and Spectral Scans can be generated along with setting the information level on a Base Station.


Other diagnostics statistics will be displayed in the Stats table.



Click on the Screenshot button to show a list of Active and Recent alerts related to the Base Station.


This button is only available if Alerts have been enabled on the Base Station.


Site Info

Click on the Screenshot button to view the Site or Lease information related to the Base Station.

The Site view shows details of the Base Station installation. This includes information about who installed the Base Station, how much it cost to install and when the installation occurred. Screenshot

The Lease view shows the details of the contractual terms associated with a Base Station installation. This includes the critical details of the Lease such as when the Lease starts, when it ends, the rental period, the rental fee, and the name of the lessor. Screenshot


Click on the Screenshot icon to see a history of transaction statistics over the history of the Base Station.