Network Status Map

The network status map provides a quick look at the status of the deployed network. This overview includes the current health of the deployed Base Stations and Devices.


Base Station Status

Connection Status

By default the map shows the connection status of the Base Station with color indicators.

Connection Status Coloring:

Color Connection Status
Green Fully Operational. The Base Station is processing uplinks, downlinks, and has communication to the Network Server.
Orange The Base Station has communication to the Network Server and is only processing uplinks
Red The Base Station does not have any communication to the Network Server.

Base Station Summary

When zoomed in on the map looking at a Base Station the map marker changes from a circle to the icon seen below.


This icon shows a summary of the current Base Station.

Model Type Letter
Senet S
MultiTech M
Gemtek G
Semtech Packet Forwarder F
Arduino Yun A
Kerlink K
Tektelic T
Unknown No Letter

Backhaul Connection Type

The Base Station Status Icon also shows decorations that indicate the active backhaul connection type of the Base Station. The icon will show a wireless decoration if the Base Station is connected to the network via a wireless backhaul or an ethernet port decoration if an ethernet connection is used. Both decorations are shown if the Base Station is using redundant connections. If no decorations are shown, the backhaul connection type is unknown.


Base Station Coverage Area

Left clicking on a Base Station at the appropriate zoom level, will display the approximate coverage area for the Base Station. This coverage takes into account the surrounding topology, given antenna height and other factors.


Base Station Details Summary

For a more detailed summary of a Base Station, right click on a Base Station on the map and a details window will pop up in the lower left corner of the map.


Base Station Analysis

The Base Station Analysis feature scopes the Devices displayed on the map to the selected Base Station. The "Unique" checkbox can be selected to filter the display of the Devices even further, to only display those heard by the target Base Station. The time dropdown scopes the displayed Devices to those Base Stations heard within the selected number of days.

Example: Devices shown before Base Station Analysis


Devices shown after Base Station Analysis