API Key Management

Senet's integration APIs are secured through the use of API keys. Administrative users can generate new keys to provide targeted access to specific features, as well as delete existing keys using the 'API Keys' view, found under 'Administration'.


Click the screenshot button to create a new key.


Customer API Keys

Customer API Keys provide access to Base Station management APIs.

Customer Access Roles

The following Roles scope access to the Base Station integration APIs. These include:

Role URIs
Customer: Full Access RAN: Read Access
RAN: Write Access
RAN: Read Access /integration/bstn/details
RAN: Write Access /integration/bstn/deploy

Deleting an API Key

API Keys cannot be edited: only created or deleted. To delete, select the targeted key's row from the table and press the screenshot button. A dialog will appear. Enter the API key's Customer ID to confirm deletion.



If the selected key was used within the past 3 days, the dialog will require an additional confirmation.