Configuration History

The Configuration History view shows an audit of Collection object changes made by all users of the Portal. Collections are the abstract models of the objects that make up the LoRa network. This view assists in identifying potential root causes of network disruption stemming from configuration changes and can help identify responsible parties.


Configuration History Filtering

The Configuration History view includes a drop-down filter to show specific categories of configuration changes. These categories are listed in the filter and defined below.


Filter Description
None No filter is applied.
Alert Filters events to Alert and Alert Profile changes.
Base Station Filters events to Base Station, Lease and Contact changes.
Cases Filters events to Case changes.
Customer Filters events to Customer and Customer Contract changes.
Map Filters events to Planning Map and Custom Layer changes.
System Filters events to general, internal changes.
User Filters events to User changes.


The User filter is only available to the RAN Provider Admin user role.