Every user is assigned an appropriate account type based on their role. Roles determine the features that are accessible to a user and controls whether the user can modify data.

User accounts can be created, edited, deleted and exported to a CSV file from the Users view under Administration. New accounts created from the login page are assigned the Developer role by default, but can be upgraded to accommodate other roles as needed.

screenshot Create User Add a new user account

screenshot Edit User: Edit an existing user's account

screenshot Delete User: Delete a user account

screenshot Refresh: Manually update the user data in the table

screenshot Settings: Select table columns to hide or show

screenshot Export to Excel: Export the table data to an Excel spreadsheet

screenshot Upgrade Developer User: Upgrade a Developer user account to an RAN Provider account.


Filter controls are provided to show only those users with specific roles.


Account Types

The account type determines the feature set and data accessible to the user.

RAN Provider Admin

RAN Provider Admin users are responsible for administration of the RAN Provider Portal and its users.

RAN Provider

RAN Providers register, manage and monitor LoRaWAN Base Stations on the Operator's RAN (Radio Access Network).

RAN Provider - Read Only

RAN Provider Read Only users monitor everything RAN Managers have access to, e.g. LoRaWAN Base Stations on the Operator's RAN (Radio Access Network), but cannot make any changes.

RAN Provider - Contract View The RAN Provider - Contract View role is defined to create a Contract centric presentation of the RAN Provider data. Portal views are only visible to this role if the data in the view can be filtered by a Contract ID.

The following table shows all views that are visible to a user with the RAN Provider - Read Only role and whether that view is included for a user with the RAN Provider - Contract view role:

View Subview View Included
Base Stations N/A Yes
Base Station Details Summary Yes
RF Statistics Yes
Events Yes
Site Info -> Contacts Yes
Site Info -> Lease Yes
Site Info -> Site Details Yes
Site Info -> Internet Connections Yes
Base Station Diagnostics Yes
Alerts and Cases Yes
Map Planning Maps No
Structures No
Custom Layers No
Base Stations Yes
Reports Device Trend 30 Days Yes
Transaction Trend 30 Days Yes
Availability Trend 30 Days Yes
Availability Trend 12 Months Yes
Hourly Availability 24 Hours Yes
Alerts Alerts No
Cases No
Base Station Alert Statistics No
Alert Profiles No
Administration Contacts No
Header Alerts Dropdown No

Two Factor Authentication

Administrators can enable two-factor authentication for end users.

  1. Click the two-factor authentication in the Edit User dialog.


  2. Make sure the user's information includes a valid phone number before saving.


  3. When the user logs into the Portal, they will be sent an authentication code to the registered phone number.


  4. That authentication code is entered to complete the login.


Upgrading Developer Users

RAN Provider Administrators have the ability to upgrade Developer users to provide access to the RAN account's Base Stations. An Administrator enters the username of the Developer in the Upgrade Developer User dialog to grant access. If both users are Administrators, then each has the ability to select the roles to assign (both are assigned by default).

In order to protect Developer users from being taken control of by competing customers, an email domain field is configured by the platform provider for the RAN Provider account. Only Developers who have an email address with the same domain as the configured email domain can be upgraded. Additionally, Developer users cannot be upgraded if they have already been upgraded by the RAN Provider, the platform operator, or another customer.


Users that possess both Application Provider - Admin and RAN Provider - Admin roles can choose which roles to grant to a Developer during an upgrade.