Network Management Notification API

Network Management Notifications are administered by Operators and require their assistance to set up for use. This is a unique Notifier type that forwards alert status events for owned assets with alerting enabled. The type of the message determines the body of the message:

HTTP Method


Field Descriptions

Field Description Values
type The Type of message being sent. APPLICATION
subType The format of the message body ALERT
data One or more messages of the subType format

Alert Type Field Descriptions

Alert type messages contain detailed information about the alert that was either raised or cleared.

Field Description
count The number of times the alert has been raised.
latestSystemInfo The most recent information about why the alert was raised.
identifier The identifier for the alert, this is usually the entity that is being alerted on i.e. Application EUI.
lastOccurrence A timestamp in ISO format when the alert was last triggered.
status The current status of the alert; Open, Cleared, and Closed.
severity The severity of the alert; Low, Moderate, High, Urgent.
name The name of the alert type, some Examples: Low Notification Count, High Notification Error Count, High Notification Count, etc. For the full list of alerts, see Application Alerts
notes Optional notes provided by the system or Senet Operations.
firstOccurrence A timestamp in ISO format when the alert was first triggered.


         "latestystemInfo":"Notifications: 0.0 Threshold: 3000000",
         "name":"Low Notification Count",

Senet Packet Format

In addition to the above JSON payload types, Senet also offers an extended payload if the Device implements the standard Senet Packet Format. See the Senet Packet format documentation for more details.