Device Maps

Device Maps are used to visualize End Devices locations.


By default, an Application may have too many devices to be displayed on the map. If this is the case a warning symbol will be displayed on the map refresh button screenshot indicating the user is zoomed out too far.

After zooming in the Warning icon is removed from the map refresh button. This warning icon will disappear as soon as the zoom level is appropriate.


The square markers represent the GPS coordinates for the devices on a map.

The map has a device statistics header that shows RSSI, SNR, PSR and Data Rate collected from the previous day. Each statistic can be selected to update the status color of the devices to match the statistic. For example, selecting the RSSI statistic will refresh the map and all devices will be colored by the RSSI value. The current value of a statistic is shown in the Information dialog shown by right-clicking a device marker.


The threshold values for the chart statistics are as follows:

DR 0 Below 25 Poor SNR: < -4 Poor RSSI: < -115
DR 1 25 to 50 Fair SNR: >= -4 and < -1.5 Fair RSSI: >= -115 and < -105
DR 3 50 to 85 Good SNR: >= -1.5 and <= 1 Good RSSI: > -105 and <= -95
DR 4 Above 85 Very Good SNR: > 1 Very Good RSSI: > -95
DR 13 N/A N/A N/A
None = -1 N/A N/A N/A
Other N/A N/A N/A