Join Server Views

Click on the header buttons to change the view.

screenshot Dashboard: Message and notification statistics

screenshot Events: View Join Server LoRa Events, System Events, and Device Management Events

screenshot Device Management: Registered, Activated and Deactivated Devices

Details Panel

The Details Panel displays Join Server metadata. Click on the screenshot button to minimize.



The Dashboard view shows Join Server specific statistics directly associated with the Join Server including Join Success, Join Error and Join Ignored counts. Values are updated every 15 minutes.


Join Server Events

The Join Server Events view provides a consolidated view of the LoRa events associated with the Join Server events. Like other event views, the Join Server Events may be filtered by date and time to focus events that occurred at a specific point in time. Events may also be traversed historically using the "More" button. Events that are received late are specifically identified with light italicized text on the Time column.

Application Events that may be related to the Join Sever are not displayed here. This prevents potential exposure of Events or sensitive data from un-owned Applications that may share the Join Server. Instead, searches for Application Events should occur within the Application Events view.


System Events

System events are system level events for the Join Server. This table allows you to navigate these events to help troubleshoot issues with the Join Server.


Clicking on a system event allows you to view the details of the event.


Device Management Events

Device management are specific audit events generated by Device management changes. They contain the details of the changes including; The time the changes took place, which Devices were changed (Ids), who completed the changes (Username), and how the changes were performed (Authentication). Events are generated in batches of 500 devices so it is not uncommon to see several events for a single change.


You can view the details of an event by clicking on a row in the table which launches a dialog.


Device Management

The Device Management view shows Device onboarding data. The Join Server version of this views scopes the Devices by Application. The Application Device Management view scopes Devices by Join Server.


Use the Search bar to find Devices by their EUI.


screenshot Upload: Upload a CSV file to Register, Activate or Deactivate Devices

screenshot Activate/Deactivate: Activate or Deactivate the selected Devices

screenshot Request Token: Request a Device registration token

screenshot Refresh: Manually request for the latest data

screenshot Settings: Control the column visibility