Multicast Group Details

The Multicast Group Details view provides a series of sub-views that are scoped to a specific Multicast Group.

Click on the header buttons to select the sub-view.

screenshot Events: The Events tab that displays either the Multicast Group Downlink Events or the Device Multicast Setup Events.

screenshot Devices: The current Device list for the Multicast Group if it's still open or the list of Devices at the time the Multicast Group completed.

Details Panel

The Details Panel displays Multicast Group metadata. Click on the screenshot button to hide or show the panel.


Details Panel Fields

Field Description
Multicast Address The Multicast Group address used when communicating with the Multicast Group.
Type The type of Multicast Group:
• FUOTA - Used to transfer a firmware update to the group of Devices
• D2D - A Multicast Group adhering to the frame counter logic which allows for Device to Device communication.
• Application - A Multicast Group allowing standard multicast downlinks to be sent from the Application to the group.
Application The Application the Multicast Group was created for.
Class The LoRaWAN class of the Multicast Group. This can be either C or B.
Frequency (Hidden by default) The frequency that downlinks will use for the Multicast Group.
DR (Hidden by default) The data rate that downlinks will use for this Multicast Group.
Min FCnt (Hidden by default) The minimum frame counter allowed to be used for this Multicast Group.
Max FCnt (Hidden by default) The maximum frame counter allowed to be used for this Multicast Group.
Start Time The time the Multicast Group was setup and started with the first Devices.
End Time The time that the Multicast Group was completed and shutdown.


This view displays the list of Devices that are part of this Multicast Group and their current state within that group. If the Multicast Group could not be provisioned onto the Device the state and details should give some details to help diagnose why.


Devices Columns

Column Description
EUI The EUI of the Device presented in the row.
Addr The Device Address of the Device presented in the row.
Application The Application the Device belongs to.
State The state of the Device within this Multicast Group.
Group ID The group ID used to index this Multicast Group. This is a value from 0-3 as defined by the Remote Multicast Setup Specification. This value is only present if the group is still active.
Details Extra information to help diagnose Devices in an unexpected state.


Device Multicast Setup Events

This view is used to show the LoRa events used to configure the devices in this group to know about the Multicast Group.


This view is used to show the Downlinks sent to this Multicast Group from the network server. This does not display any device to device communication.