Kerlink Wirnet iStation

System Requirements

Common Packet Forwarder

The common packet forwarder must be enabled and running before installation of the Senet Packet Forwarder. Please refer to the Kerlink CPF documentation for enabling the Common Packet Forwarder on your platform.

Example Configuration:

Go to the lorad folder for your platform:

cd  /etc/lorad/wiis/

Copy the channel plan for your region to a new name:

cp  US915-US.json US915-US_Senet.json

Edit lorad config in order to start lorad:

vi /etc/default/lorad



Set CONFIGURATION_FILE to the full path of the channel plan file you just created for your platform


Exit and save the file

Reboot the system to restart all the processes:


Senet Packet Forwarder for Developers


If you have not done so already you will need to register your gateway through your Developer or RAN Provider account.


The serial number for this device is "0x" followed by the last 4 Bytes of the EUI which can be found on bottom of the Base Station. Alternatively it can be found by looking at the serial_number object in this file: /tmp/sys_startup_status.json


Copy and paste the following command into the Kerlink Wirnet iStation SSH console.

OS Version Command
OS 4.3.3;dlC=senetco;wget --no-check-certificate http://docs.${dlC}.io/downloads/02_19_20/$dlF -O $dlF && chmod +x $dlF && ./${dlF} -c ${dlC} -t DEV

Run the command. The installation is automatic and will prompt you once it has completed.


Once registration and Base Station software installation are complete the Base Station will be displayed in the Senet Portal Dashboard with the current registration status (this may require a refresh of the browser).