Semtech BasicStation

The Senet Network supports LoRa Base Station's running the Semtech BasicStation forwarder. This is a great place to start with development and initial integration.


If you have not done so already you will need to register your gateway through your Developer or RAN Provider account. Once registered you will receive an e-mail with an EUI and a copy of the following instructions.


The Semtech BasicStation is configured via a file called station.conf and an additional file called tci.uri.


Each Base Station is assigned a unique EUI. This EUI is supplied by Senet in the e-mail provided after registration. The EUI must be assigned to the JSON field "routerid" in the configuration file. The EUI is a JSON string and as such must be enclosed in quotes. The configured EUI should be all upper case and have no delimiters.


To connect to the Senet network follow the directions provided in the e-mail received during registration.

Completing Configuration

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the Base Station will need to be restarted once configured.