Gateway Software

Gateways provide the wireless network access for the End Devices, relaying data to and from the Senet Network Server via IP backhaul (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3 or 4 G cellular or satellite). As part of relaying data from End Devices, Gateways include RF meta-data about the data’s reception characteristics. The Network Server in turn leverages this information in real time to optimize the End Device.

Gateways are deployed to meet application, geographical, and End Device density coverage requirements. Coverage depends on topology characteristics and varies among rural, suburban, and urban environments. To meet these various needs, Gateways are available in a variety of sizes and may be deployed to provide indoor and outdoor coverage.

In order to integrate your Gateway with Senet's Network, it must be on-boarded. This process involves:

Once approval is received your Gateway's packet forwarder will communicate with Senet's network. The level of security depends on the packet forwarder implementation. Currently Senet supports the following Packet Forwarder options:

Supported Packet Forwarder Options


All Gateway types and supported packet forwarding options are capable of enrolling in the Senet LVN!

Brand Indoor/Outdoor Model (Max Channels) Senet Packet forwarder Semtech Basic Station Semtech Packet Forwarder
Laird Indoor/Outdoor Sentrius RG1xx (8) Supported Capable Verified
MultiTech (mLinux) Indoor Conduit (8) Supported Capable Capable
Indoor Conduit AP (8) Supported Capable Capable
Outdoor Conduit IP67 (8/16) Supported Capable Capable
MultiTech (mPower) Indoor Conduit (8) Supported Verified Capable
Indoor Conduit AP (8) Supported Verified Capable
Outdoor Conduit IP67 (8) Supported Verified Capable
Kerlink Wirnet Outdoor Station (8) Supported Capable
Outdoor iStation (8) Supported Capable
Indoor iFemto (8) Supported Capable
Outdoor iBTS Compact (16) Supported Capable
Outdoor iBTS 64 (64) Supported Capable
Indoor iZepto (8) Verified Capable
Tektelic Indoor KONA Micro (8) Supported Capable
Outdoor KONA Micro Enterprise (8) Supported Capable
Outdoor KONA Macro (16) Supported Capable
Outdoor KONA Mega (64) Supported Capable
Adtran Indoor Micro 7310-08 (8) Supported Capable
Dragino Indoor LPS8N (8) Verified Capable
Outdoor DLOS8N (8) Verified Capable
Milesight Indoor UG63 Mini (8) Verified Capable
Indoor UG65 Semi Industrial (8) Verified Capable
Indoor UG65 Industrial (8) Verified Capable
Outdoor UG67 Outdoor (8) Verified Capable
Option CloudGate Indoor CG01xx/CM0126-121xx/CM0125-121xx + LoRaWAN Expansion Card (8) Verified Capable
Indoor CM0125-12199 (8) Verified Capable
Indoor CM0126-12202 (8) Verified Capable
Browan Indoor Pico Next (8) Verified Capable
Indoor Femto Lite (8) Verified Capable
Outdoor Micro (8/16) Verified
RAK Wireless Indoor WisGate Edge RAK72xx (8) Verified Capable
Outdoor WisGate Edge Pro RAK72xx (8/16) Verified Capable
Cisco Indoor IR1101 + LoRa LPWAN module (8) Verified
Outdoor Wireless Gateway (16) Capable Capable
Peplink Indoor Balance 20X + LoRaWAN FlexModule Mini (8) Verified Capable