Screenshot Murano by Exosite

This set up only supports legacy exosite accounts. Murano is Exosite’s ( second-generation IoT Platform, it is a powerful tool that allow for examination and graphing of message data. It has the ability to pull values from JSON data to visualize those values in a number of ways in the Exosite Dashboard.

Messages will be forwarded in JSON format (See Default Data Fields), so create the new Resource with the Data format of type "string".

Platform Setup

To get started you must create a Product (Product Id) and add a Device (Name and Identity) to that product.
You must also create a Device Resource (Alias) for the data that will be sent to Exosite. The Device must also be Activated and a Client Identifier Key (CIK) must be generated using the following curl command (See Exosite's Provisioning Api for more details). Login to the Exosite Platform and create a new product. Click on the product name to display the product id. Screenshot Create a new Device and give the Device an identity. Screenshot Activate the Device and generate a CIK using curl.

curl -k https://<productid> \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8' \
  -d 'vendor=<productid>&model=<productid>&sn=<identity>'

Click on the Device and create a new resource alias. Screenshot

Notifier Setup

Specify the Product Id, Alias, and CIK into the provided Notification Target fields.