Gateway Registration

Getting your Gateway connected to the Senet network is as simple as following the directions below:

1. Register the Gateway through the Senet Portal.

2. Install Senet Gateway Software

Skip this step if using the Semtech packet forwarder. This step is only necessary when installing the Senet packet forwarder.

See Supported Gateways for specific instructions.

3. Verify Registration

From the Portal Dashboard the Gateway’s registration status should now be “Active” (this may also require a refresh of the browser).

If using the Semtech packet forwarder, further instructions for configuring the packet forwarder for the Senet Network will be sent to you via e-mail.

Gateway Communication Ports in Use

Below is a table of ports used by the gateway to communicate with the Senet Network.

Port Protocol Direction Usage
443 TCP Outbound LoRa messages
8443 TCP Outbound LoRa messages
22 TCP Outbound Remote management
ICMP Outbound Network administration
80 TCP Outbound Firmware upgrades
123 UDP Outbound Time synchronization
53 UDP/TCP Outbound Domain resolution