MultiTech Conduit - mPower (AEP) Base Station

This page describes the installation of the Senet Packet Forwarder on the MultiTech mPower class of Gateway.

Prefer a video walkthrough? On boarding a MultiTech Conduit AP using the Senet Developer Portal and configuring the Gateway with Senet Packet Forwarder is outlined from a Developer perspective on YouTube:


mPower (AEP) versions of Multitech firmware do not support configuration or packet forwarder software installation via Command Line Interface (CLI). Configuration changes can be made via the Gateway's Configuration Web interface and installation of the Senet Packet Forwarder is supported through MultiTech DeviceHQ Graphical User Interface (GUI) only.

System Requirements

MultiTech provides a wide variety of models for the Conduit platform. Most of these models are variations based on network connectivity and operating system (OS); as such if you do not see your model listed, it is highly likely these instructions are still applicable.

We have verified support for the MTAC-LORA-H-915, MTAC-LORA-H-868, and MTAC-LORA-915 Gateway accessory cards;
Note: The -H variants provide faster connectivity between the processor and the LoRa Concentrator.


The (deprecated) USB variety of MCAT-LORA-1.0 accessory cards are no longer supported.

Current supported base models include, but not limited to, 210, 220, 246, 247, 256, 266, 267, 275.

Model OS Type OS Version
MultiConnect Conduit mPower (AEP) 5.0.1+, 5.3.1+, 6.0.x
MultiConnect Conduit AP mPower (AEP) 5.0.1+, 5.3.1+, 6.0.x
MultiConnect Conduit IP67 mPower (AEP) 5.0.1+, 5.3.1+, 6.0.x
Supported Senet Packet Forwarder Versions
02_21_XX - Release Notes
02_20_XX - Release Notes


Instructions for converting a Conduit Gateway OS from mLinux to mPower are available: Convert Conduit from mLinux to mPower (AEP)

Senet Packet Forwarder



Register Gateway on the Senet Network

If you have not done so already you will need to register your gateway through your Developer or RAN Provider account.

 1. Enter the 8-Digit Serial Number.
 2. Enter the 16-Digit Manufacturer (Lora Node) EUI.
 3. Complete the registration process by filling in the remaining fields.


The Gateway supports a maximum of 8 channels at any given time. During registration you will have a chance to select which sub-band of 8 RX Channels the Gateway should operate on to start.

Tip: After registration is complete, you can use the Senet Portal to reconfigure the RX Channel sub-band without the need to login to the Configuration web interface.

Adding Senet Forwarder to Device HQ account

Follow these steps to add the Senet Forwarder to your Device HQ account.

Schedule Senet Forwarder installation

Schedule the Senet Forwarder installation using the MultiTech DeviceHQ devices tab:



Please select the latest Senet Packet Forwarder version (Release Notes) which also corresponds to the firmware version installed on the Gateway. In the above example, "SenetPktFwd - 02_1x_0x_mPwr_5.3.x" is the 02_1x_0x version of the Senet Packet Forwarder which corresponds to the Gateway firmware versions between 5.3.0 and 5.3.8s-s1.

Device HQ Checkin

Wait for the next scheduled Device HQ check-in, or force immediate check-in using the Configuration Web interface on the Gateway via: Administration > Remote Management > Check-In To DeviceHQ

Senet Forwarder Status

The status of Senet forwarder installation and operation is visible under Active Apps section of the device screen.


Once registration and Gateway software installation are complete the Gateway will be displayed in the Senet Portal Dashboard with the current registration status (this may require a refresh of the browser).

For more information controlling the Senet Gateway Software, please refer to our Gateway FAQ.