MultiTech Conduit

MultiTech provides a wide variety of models for the Conduit platform. MultiTech Conduit Gateway models can operate with two different Operating Systems (OS):
 1. mPower AEP (Preferred)
 2. mLinux

Both OS versions are currently available through MultiTech, and the Senet Packet Forwarder continues to support both OS versions. However, Senet will be providing maintenance support only for the mLinux version of OS in the future. Customers who have mLinux Conduit Platform Gateways can, but are not required to, convert their mLinux OS to mPower OS with the steps listed below. Upgrading is optional; security updates will continue to be provided by Senet.

Establish SSH Connection to Conduit

Access the Gateway running mLinux through SSH. By default DHCP is disabled. Default credentials are listed below:

OS Type OS Version Default Static IP Default Username Default Password
mLinux 3.x and lower root root
mLinux 4.0.0 to 5.2 mtadm root
mLinux 5.2.1 and higher Commissioning Process


The Senet Packet Forwarder (PF) disables SSH access as a security precaution. If the Senet PF is currently installed on the mLinux Conduit Gateway; Please contact Senet customer support ( to remove the Senet PF and re-enable SSH access prior to the start of the conversion process.

Verify mLinux Version

Through the Conduit SSH terminal, verify the mLinux version with the following command:

Command Description Command
Print mLinux version
cat /etc/mlinux-version

Converting mLinux to mPower AEP

Complete upgrade instructions are available at: MultiTech Flashing

Download New Image

Download the correct mPower firmware image compatible with the target hardware type. MTCDT and MTCAP models have different image files. Firmware images are available at: MultiTech Downloads

Copy upgrade.bin to Conduit Gateway

Through the Conduit SSH terminal, create a new directory with the following command:

Command Description Command
Create flash-upgrade directory
mkdir /var/volatile/flash-upgrade

Copy the renamed upgrade.bin file to the flash-upgrade directory:



Windows users will require a tool such as WinSCP or Cygwin.

Verify upgrade.bin is Owned By Root

Through the Conduit SSH terminal, ensure upgrade.bin is owned by root with the following command:

Command Description Command
Set root as owner of upgrade.bin
sudo chown root /var/volatile/flash-upgrade/upgrade.bin
Verify root as owner of upgrade.bin
ls -la /var/volatile/flash-upgrade/upgrade.bin


Execute Firmware Upgrade

Through the Conduit SSH terminal, initiate the upgrade process with the following commands depending on the mLinux version:

Command Description Command
Execute upgrade for mLinux v3.x
touch /var/volatile/do_flash_upgrade && reboot
Execute upgrade for mLinux v4 and higher
sudo touch /var/volatile/do_flash_upgrade && sudo reboot

The Conduit Gateway has now been upgraded to the mPower OS.

For instructions on how to install the Developer or RAN versions of the Senet PF: MultiTech Conduit mPower Senet PF

For instructions on how to configure the Conduit Gateway as a Semtech Basic Station: MultiTech Conduit mPower Semtech Basic Station