Kerlink iFemtoCell

System Requirements

Senet Packet Forwarder


If you have not done so already, follow the directions here to register your gateway.


The serial number for the iFemtoCell is the last 9 digits of the Board ID which can be found on bottom of the gateway. e.g.  A gateway with Board ID: 711BEc000000 would be registered with the serial number of BEc000000


SSH to the Kerlink iFemtoCell and change your working directory to tmp.

cd /tmp

Copy and paste the following command into the iFemtoCell SSH console.;dlC=senetco;wget --no-check-certificate http://docs.${dlC}.io/downloads/$dlF -O $dlF && chmod +x $dlF && ./${dlF} -c ${dlC}

Run the command. The installation is automatic and will prompt you once it has completed.

When the installation has completed reboot your iFemtoCell.


Once registration and gateway software installation are complete the gateway will be displayed in the Senet Portal Dashboard with the current registration status (this may require a refresh of the browser).

For more information controlling the Senet Gateway Software, please refer to our FAQ.